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You won’t learn these strategies with a ‘free’ course, which is why we know you’ll be blown away with the content, written by a 25+ year veteran career coach and adviser!

Shorten Your Job Search, Increase Your Confidence, and Gain Results, Fast!

Perhaps you’ve been sending your CV/Resume but not getting replies? 

Or attending interviews and then hearing nothing back? 

You may be facing redundancy and are concerned about what to do next?  

Frankly, a job search can be very slow and frustrating. That frustration can stem from a few things; too many candidates going for the same role, your sense of confidence and career direction wavering, or the time ticking by is becoming worrying.

We understand that all of this does not exactly help you to be a strong confident candidate when presenting yourself for interviews.

There should be a straightforward way of learning how to conduct an effective job search, but there is so much information out there. How can you tell good advice from bad?

We believe there is a highly cost -effective and experience based solution to the issues job seekers globally face today.

There absolutely is a way to shorten the job search, increase your confidence, and gain results, which you can learn in your own time. So what is the answer? Read on…

Welcome to: The Career Accelerator Course

The Career Accelerator is like having your own Virtual Coach! Get the ‘inside track’ secrets to getting ahead in your career. This course is 100% online and includes 9 modules with over 5.5hrs of video, narrated by the author, covering core job search skills, top tips, and insider strategies, broken down into separate modules of learning, all aimed at getting you the results you want, fast. 

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Here’s What The Career Accelerator Course Offers

This course has been broken down into practical modules, covering different job search subject areas, which you can watch at your own pace. After enrolling, you will get immediate access to all 9 modules in the course. The entire length of the modules is over 5.5 hours.

At the end of the course you will be well informed and confident, with a strong sense of career direction and purpose. 

The course is all about increasing job search confidence, and saving time to achieve the results you want. It’s Career Acceleration!

How This Course Will Help You

Drastically reduce the time taken on your job search, by learning strategies that work, created by a career professional with over 25 years experience. If you are looking at a total career change, this course also has you covered.

How This Course Will Help You

Build increased confidence in yourself as a strong, confident candidate, having a strong CV, able to impress at job interviews, or being able to decide on a new career direction for yourself.

How This Course Will Help You

Gain the knowledge of Thousands of Dollars/Pounds worth of coaching, in a concise ‘no filler’ course, which will equip you with insider knowledge in order to progress in your career goals in todays competitive market.

How This Course Will Help You

Get an advantage in your job search. With so many candidates going for every role, this course will elevate you above other candidates and help you land the right job, fast. If you’re completely changing career direction, you’ll be taught how to generate ideas that will work for you.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Home Career Accelerator Course

Jan Lynas

This course is exactly what I needed. Full of great content with many insights and examples around how to get your next job fast, or to make a complete career change. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get ahead in their career.
Home Career Accelerator Course

Krishnan Subramanian

This is a groundbreaking and thought-provoking course. Covering topics like how to prepare your mindset, personal branding, hidden job market, social media, and navigating a career change. You will see familiar topics with a fresh outlook, and brand new ideas that hadn’t even occurred to you before.
Home Career Accelerator Course

Kiki Zhang

I felt empowered when taking this course, and it helped me to recognise what my strengths were, and therefore encouraged me to achieve my goals. I would recommend this course to anyone who seeks to improve their job-hunting journey and build confidence.

What's In The Career Accelerator Course?

         The course includes all of the following modules, which are crucial in any job search or career change. Listed below are some of the key areas covered in each module and the results you can expect.

Module 1: Overview & Mindset (38 mins.)

Course Methodology & Results Expected >> Improving Confidence, Learn Positive Strategies for Your Career >> Emotional Impact & Resilience >> Personality Types >> Challenges in Career Planning, and more

Module 2: Personal Branding (38 mins.)

Create a Compelling Elevator Pitch >> Improve Your Self Awareness >> How to Create a Personal Brand >> Understand the Value of a Brand Slogan & Value Proposition, and more

Module 3: Hidden Jobs Market (32 mins.)

What is The Hidden Jobs Market? >> 3 Ways to Access The Hidden Jobs Market >> Pursue Great Roles that Many Candidates Will Ignore >> Why the Hidden Jobs Market is Worth Engaging With >> How To Land a Great Job using the Hidden Jobs Market, and more

Module 4: CV / Resume (32 mins.)

Land More Interviews >> Learn how to Communicate Your Value >> What are Recruiters Saying About Your CV? >> One CV or Many? >> Sample CV Text Included >> Discover how to Create Impact in your CV >> Create a punchy Career History that Grabs attention, and more

Module 5: LinkedIn (60 mins.)

Why LinkedIn can be a Powerful Job Search Ally >> Profile Best Practices to Attract More Views >> How to Connect and Nurture Relationships on LinkedIn >> LinkedIn Groups – Are They Worth It? >> Connect Request and Follow Up Messages Explored (HINT: These will Help You Grow Relationships Fast, in an Authentic Way), and more

Module 6: Twitter (33 mins.)

Why Twitter for a Job Search? >> How To Set Up a Twitter Profile as a Job Seeker >> Learn How 8 Million Job Seekers have found a Job Through Twitter >> Hashtags & How To Use Them >> How to find the Key Players on Twitter >> Creating a Consistent Brand across Social Platforms, and more

Module 7: Job Boards (14 mins.)

Types of Job Boards >> How to Stay Front of Mind on a Job Board >> Create a Competitive Advantage through Simple Strategies >> Tracking your Progress, and more

Module 8: Job Interviews (34 mins.)

Learn How to Perform at your Authentic Best >> Mindset Tips for the Job Interview >> How to make a Positive Impact, Fast >> Understanding Chemistry & Empathy >> How to View & Prepare for a Job Interview to Create a Positive Result, and more

Module 9: Career Change (53 mins.)

A Complete Strategy for a Complete Career Change >> How To Generate New Ideas >> Work & Life Considerations >> Action Planning >> Building the Bridge between Your Current Situation and you new Career Goal >> Learn a Solid Strategy for Making That New Change of Career Direction a Reality

About The Course Teacher, Steve Nicholls

Steve started his career as a career coach in 1994, after achieving the Post Grad. Diploma in Career Guidance (UK). He worked in education for some years before focussing more on helping adults progress in their careers. He has helped hundreds of people across all levels of seniority to land their dream job, or to navigate a career change. 

He now runs an international coaching business with clients worldwide, and has published books and articles on career progression. He brings his combined knowledge to this course in order to help you achieve your career goals, fast. 

While highly knowledgeable, Steve’s passion is to help people. ‘I just love helping people achieve the career results they want’, he says.

Home Career Accelerator Course

Here’s what people are saying about the course teacher

Home Career Accelerator Course

Wayne Thomas

I was fortunate enough to work with Steve and his career coaching team, to suit my needs and guide me along the path of self awareness and self development. The relationship with Steve and his business have continued long past the completion of the original engagement.
Home Career Accelerator Course

Susan Parker

I found Steve to be easy to speak to and flexible to my schedule. He runs a great team of coaches with aligned values and ethics, let alone what he has poured into this course, which is incredible. Steve really cares about people and this shines through in the way he has put this course together.
Home Career Accelerator Course

Marko Govorusa

Steve is a true professional in the career advice & coaching world. I have been a recipient of his coaching in the past, and can say it is honest, direct, and supportive. The Career Accelerator course is the perfect solution to getting ahead in your career.

Why the Career Accelerator Course Is Valuable to You

You may be in the market for career coaching, but many people find the cost is restrictive. It would not be unusual to pay $5000 and upwards for a professional 1:1 career coaching programme, and in essence that is what you will experience with this course, a very personal approach, and practical tips and advice from an international coach and author with 25+ years experience of helping people like you.

So, you could invest in a professional 1:1 career coaching programme, but at a fraction of the investment you are still getting the same expertise and the same insights into the job search market by using this course, and all modules are designed to help you achieve the results you seek, fast.

This is a course that you cannot find elsewhere. Even a few short hours of private 1:1 career coaching could cost thousands of dollars, so we’re confident you will find excellent value and many ways to use your new found knowledge in order to speed up your job search, or launch your brand new career idea.

Career Accelerator Course

Full Course
$ 197
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Home Career Accelerator Course

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you do not find a wealth of tips and advice that help your career plans in this online course, all you have to do is let us know and we will refund your money. We believe though that you will be blown away by the amount of content in the course, and will find plenty of ways to leverage the new learning. However, our cast iron money back guarantee applies to all purchases.

Look at what past students have to say about this course

Home Career Accelerator Course

Luke Ireland

This in an exceptional selection of videos/modules on the ever more challenging world of getting your next executive role. The content is rich and detailed but also easy to understand. It is accompanied by a very easy to listen to voiceover. All in all a perfect way to develop your plan to get hired or even change career.
Home Career Accelerator Course

Simon Bennett

This course is a well thought out, thorough overview of the major elements that you need to consider in a job search, or a career change, but delivered in an engaging way. I found it easy to follow, and have learned a lot from it, particularly the interview preparation module.
Home Career Accelerator Course

Alain Ferrandi

Very good course for a manager, or any level of person, who wants to change their career or to find a job. You can rely on Steve to help you and to use his deep experience to present this course as if you are having a 1:1 chat with Steve.

Frequently Asked Questions

As described in the modules above, this course is a full career acceleration course, whatever your circumstances. Whether you need to sharpen skills for a new job search, or if you’re considering an entirely different career, we have you covered.

With over 5.5hrs of presentation material, all delivered by video, there’s quite a bit to absorb. You should also be ready to engage with the learning, and take the time to do any required reflecting, planning, and exercises that are recommended. Those who do will achieve great results, and be ready to achieve great results.

This is primarily up to you. Some people may go straight to what they perceive is the module where they have most need, but I would recommend not being in a rush. There are so many golden nuggets of learning in the entire course, that it is suggested to watch as much of the course as possible.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee on this purchase, but I believe that you will 100% get something from the course and see it as great value, not just now, but for future career moves.

Steve Nicholls is an experienced career professional, with over 25 years of experience. Apart from authoring this course, he runs career coaching firm Executive Connexions. The entire course has taken many months to produce, and Steve says it has been a ‘true labour of love’ throughout.

The content of this course has been directly taken from the same level of expertise used in coaching many hundreds of clients towards successful careers. This is not a theoretical course, but has been adapted from real coaching practices that work.

Career Accelerator Course

Full Course
$ 197
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

A Note From The Course Teacher

I hope you’re excited to start learning how to make a success of your career! I’ve tried my very best to unpack my 25+ years knowledge, and condense the best bits into this course. I wish you all the very best in your future career!

Home Career Accelerator Course

Got any questions about the course?